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The Banking Association of South Africa

The Banking Association of South Africa, chose REDalert Solutions to maintain their highly sensitive and long standing REDS system within our REDScheck platform.

This system has undergone changes throughout the 20 years of its operation by our team and continues to serve the Banking Industry today.


The RED system is the central database register of dishonest and dismissed employees.

Its objective is to establish a central point of reference of employees in the banking industry (and closely aligned stakeholders) whom have been dismissed for dishonesty-related offences following a disciplinary enquiry, or found guilty of dishonesty-related offences following a post termination RED enquiry, which can be used by all participating entities as a reference in screening prospective employees in order to manage the risk of a repetition of such behaviour in a participating entity.

The RED system was conceived by developers at REDalert Solutions within the former Banking Council of South Africa some 20 years ago when Internet technology became available to create online web-based applications. At the time with only a handful of key players, REDalert Solutions created a singular system that would mitigate risk for the industry and the Banks themselves from dishonest employees.

The RED system has undergone five complete rewrites as better technological improvements became available. The system is now in its 5th iteration, having stood the test of time both legally and technologically. It has become entrenched within the banks Human Resource processes and has improved the selection process when onboarding new employees as they rapidly move within the industry.

Given the fact that the RED database system harbours extremely sensitive information, REDalert Solution’s core foundation components to this system has been about data Security, Auditing and User accessibility.

In revamping the initial application, REDalert Solutions objective has been to better serve the Banking Industry in creating partner applications and systems that will enhance the role each bank plays in growing the economy.

Participating Banks