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User Terms

REDalert Solutions (Pty) Ltd - User Terms of Service / Terms and Conditions of Use

PAIA (Promotion of Access to Information Act)

REDalert Solutions (Pty) Ltd - PAIA Manual (2023) - (Under Review) 
Information Regulator - Promotion of Access to Information (PAIA) Forms
PAIA Form 1 (Reg 2) - Request for a Copy of the Guide from the Regulator
PAIA Form 1 (Reg 3) - Request for a Copy of the Guide from an Information Officer
PAIA Form 2 (Reg 7) - Request for Access to Record
PAIA Form 3 - Outcome of Request and of Fees Payable
PAIA Form 4 (Reg 9) - Internal Appeal Form
PAIA Form 5 (Reg 10) - Complaint Form
PAIA Form 13 (Reg 14(1)) - Request for Assesment

PoPI (Protection of Personal Information)

REDalert Solutions (Pty) Ltd - Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Policy
Information Regulator - Protection of Personal Information (POPIA) Forms